Internship and Rotation Programs

Our internship and rotation programs cater to current medical and health professions students, as well as high school students with an expressed interest in healthcare. We provide a variety of internship and service learning opportunities that provide students with a direct learning experience both in their interested career and the local community.
If there is a specific career you are interested in, please let us know and we will do our best to connect you with a local professional! Email us at


Highlighted programs: 

Rural Healthcare Immersion Program
Offered by:
Central Regional Office, Northern AHEC, and Catskill-Hudson AHEC

A one to two week program, the Rural Healthcare Immersion Program introduces pre-med and medical students to the quality and accessibility of healthcare in a rural setting. Students experience the benefits and barriers of rural practice while learning about the unique components and lifestyle of a rural community. During the week, students have the opportunity to meet, interview, and shadow local health professionals, while exploring the social and economic influences that shape healthcare accessibility in a rural setting. Past evaluations have been overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of students identifying expanded knowledge of the social determinants of health associated with rural living, and many participants indicated an increased intent to work in a similar locale. 

Community Health Experience
Offered by: 
Brooklyn-Queens-Long Island AHEC, Bronx-Westchester AHEC, and Manhattan-Staten Island AHEC

In collaboration with the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine, the Community Health Experience provides medical students with community-based, non-clinical internship opportunities in medically underserved communities. During the six week placement, students are offered real-world community health experience, while exploring current healthcare issues and disparities via weekly didactic sessions. Past evaluations have been positive, with results indicating that CHE participants have an increased interest in working in a similar setting and are more likely to specialize in primary care. 

Community Health Practicum
Offered by:
NYC Metropolitan Regional Office

Designed for recent college graduates, the Community Health Practicum provides professional development and direct employment experience to individuals interested in pursuing a health or social service career in a medically underserved community. The program provides direct clinical exposure and skill development via on-the-job training critical to health and social services positions, such as motivational interviewing, health literacy, and health information technology. Past participants have been employed in the NYC areas as healthcare educators, case managers, and risk management coaches.