Who We Are

Founded in 1998, the New York State Area Health Education Center (NYS AHEC) System is a state and federally funded workforce development initiative. Our mission is to increase the diversity of qualified healthcare professionals by recruiting and training individuals of all races and ethnicities, with a special emphasis on medically underserved areas in both rural and urban communities.

Our Vision for the Future

Through our youth exposure programs, the NYS AHEC System aims to implement a "grow your own" model, in which students from medically underserved areas in both rural and urban communities are encouraged to develop an interest and desire to ultimately work in a healthcare career in their local community.

What We Do

Committed to increasing access to diverse and qualified healthcare professionals in all disciplines of health, the NYS AHEC System coordinates and facilitates three core types of programming:

Additional Services

The NYS AHEC System is also proud to offer the following additional services:
-Scholarship Support
-Housing and Transportation Support
-Consultation Services (including but not limited to customized professional development trainings, and DSRIP support and technical assistance)
-Customized Learning Content for classrooms and after-school activities